What Is Treated Diamonds

Treated diamonds have improved clarity, color and even overall appearance. Treated diamonds can help people with limited budgets have the ability to purchase a gorgeous looking diamond. Tiny cracks in diamond are filled with molten glass to improve clarity.

There are a few different types of color treated diamonds. Colored diamonds are painted to remove a yellowish tinge and making it appear more white and transparent. To permanently alter a diamond to a different color is by using electron bombardment. Others become treated diamonds by way of laser drills. Using lasers to drill miniscule holes into the diamonds to reach dark colored spots to bleach them with acid so that they are not as noticeable. Sometimes they finish the laser treated diamonds by then filling the tiny holes with molten glass. Coated treated diamonds are similar to a colored diamond, except for the entire diamond gets a coating of a substance that is designed to make the diamond appear brighter and more translucent to the naked eye. The result of the coating is so good on most treated diamonds that it can go undetected unless an experienced gemologist studies the diamond for it's value.