Diamonds Prices

Pricing diamonds isn't quite that simple as the standard markup percentage of 10% - 20%. Several factors are needed to consider when diamonds are priced. Diamond prices are decided by adding the cost of the rough diamond, the cost of cutting the diamond, and all other costs necessary to turn the rough diamond into a marketable diamond. An independent company is called in to certify the grade of the diamond based on color, cut, clarity, and weight.

Diamond becomes more expensive each time it changes handsbefore reaching a retailer, where the price is raised a bit more. The diamond journey starts from the mine, to the cutter and polisher, to the independent grading company, and then to the Primary market before reaching the retailer. You will need to obtain a certificate through GIA - Gemological Institute of America. With the information on this certificate, you can use a cutter's guide to accurately determine what your diamond is worth. You can accurately price a diamond with a Diamond Grade Report. Otherwise you need to know about diamonds, such as different cuts, clarity, color, and weight to value the diamond.