What Is Colored Diamonds?

Gemologists have created a new method of treating less desirable type into fancy colored diamonds. By treating it with irradiation andfollowed by intense heat, it turns brown and yellowish diamonds to become beautifully colored diamonds. By using treatments like irradiation, more people are able to afford and own these vividly colored diamonds.

Most natural colored diamonds are rare and also extremely expensive. When purchasing the colored diamond, ask about the stones origin and request to view a lab certificate to verify authenticity. Synthetic colored diamonds are another alternative if you cannot afford the colored diamond. These are real diamonds except they are created in a lab.

Applying nitrogen, it will produce yellow diamond and if expose to radiation, it will be a green diamond. A natural colored diamond can gets its color by inclusions. Those regarded as flaws and undesirable colorless diamond, by using inclusions will give a unique tones and brilliant flashes of color in a fancy color diamond. Any natural colored diamond should be accompanied by a certificate from a reputated grading lab.