What Is Bonded Diamonds?

Currently there are very few bonded jewelers selling bonded diamonds. Take note that bonded diamond are more expensive than non-bonded diamond but it is well worth.

Key advantage of bonded diamond comes with buy back policy for life. You will get a 100% refund no matter how long you have the diamond. A breakage policy comes with the bonded diamonds. The bonded jeweler will replace a new one - one time if the stone is broke or chipped. Bonded diamonds are natural and untreated.

Bonded diamonds increase in value, with a fixed appreciation rate that is designed to keep up with inflation. This means that a diamond that is worth a certain amount of money today will be worth more in the future, as the price of diamonds continues to rise. This generally does not apply to buy backs, however. It typically applies to trade-ins.

With bonded diamond, you are protected against the possibility of a market crash as the value of diamonds will drop. It guarantees to refund you the difference now it worths and what you paid for it before the market crash.